Does the bride, groom, or anniversary couple  have a favorite hobby or special interest?  Is there a special theme or decorations for the wedding or anniversary?  Maybe there is something unique that you remember the couple by.  We can work any of these ideas into a CUSTOM design to place on a throw.  What a wonderful, elegant, and personal way to celebrate the couple and remember the day.  Prices start at $50 for a simple/small design and $70 for a more detailed/larger design.
If you have a special idea for a custom wedding or anniversary throw, please CONTACT US to discuss your ideas and get a custom quote.
This wedding throw design was created for a horse loving couple. The wedding decorations were western with yellow and white flowers and blue ribbons. 
The bride was a collector of bee paraphernalia.  The wedding decor consisted of sunflowers and bees.  "Meant To Bee" was also included on decorative items.


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